Access Pay, Ltd. is a full service payroll specialty company started by John P. Mohan Associates which has been serving the accounting and payroll needs of the business community in Warrington, PA for over 25 years.
We have found that most, if not all, of the other payroll companies do the same thing; produce checks, generate reports and file payroll taxes. That’s it! A check factory!
“When it came to concerns and questions in areas such as overtime wages, social security, employee benefits, payroll taxes, etc., they received no guidance or answers from their payroll processing company because they were dealing with clerks/data processors. Our own Accounting clients were coming to us and complaining that they could not get answers to their questions, and because they were never speaking to the same person all the time, they felt like a number and that there was little concern for their needs.”
By popular demand from our own clients, (business owners just like you), John P. Mohan Associates designed a very unique payroll value-added package that went beyond what the traditional payroll companies offered
Because we have extensive knowledge in payroll taxes and laws, we are able not only to do the expected (produce checks, provide reports, file payroll taxes) we are also able to do much more.  We offer a complete solution involving guidance and consultation pertaining to all payroll issues.
We watch for the “red flags” that cost companies unnecessary money, penalties and interest. In other words, we offer peace of mind PLUS help you save money.
“The nice part is that the investment is like flying first class at economy rates.”
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